“In my early teens I played alongside some of England’s most talented players, who were admittedly more gifted than I was. Despite this, I became the country’s first £1million teenager. I believe this was due to my character. I practiced principals such as self-discipline, hard work, teamwork, respect and contentment as much as I practiced my soccer skills.” Bruce Dyer


OUR MISSION is to provide leading-edge sports coaching for dedicated,
skilled and enthusiastic young athletes that will develop the
athlete holistically, in an age appropriate context.

OUR OBJECTIVES are to provide competitive sports skills coaching and
quality personal character development simultaneously. Focus on each
student-athlete’s growth both as an individual and as an effective team
member. Emphasize the use of moral and ethical principles as the primary
educational tool for accomplishing success. Demonstrate that young people
can progress and excel in athletic, social, and intellectual domains at the
same time. Provide players with experience through which they can learn
lifelong lessons applicable in a wide variety of settings and
relationships, regardless of whether or not a player becomes a professional.

“You impressed me! As well as your skill, your attitude will be an asset to our club.”

Sheffield United manager Neil Warnock [comment to Bruce Dyer having chosen him from a shortlist of forwards to sign to the club during the 2005/6 season]