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About The Team | Bruce Dyer's Love Life Soccer School

We have an A* team at Bruce Dyer's Soccer School

About The Team


The Bruce Dyer Love Life Soccer Schools team are expert coaches. They are all qualified and hold the necessary certification in:-

  • F.A. Coaching
  • First Aid
  • CRB Checked
  • Laws of the Game
  • Child Protection

This ensures the quality of the coaching delivered to each and every player, and gives you the confidence to know that your child has a safe and positive experience, regardless of his or her athletic abilities.

“Coaching is taking a player where he can’t take himself.”

MORE THAN JUST A COACH. Our coaches represent role models, teachers and mediators for the team.
Our coaches are all about ensuring that your child experiences personal growth and, most of all, FUN.

Meet the Pro’s

BDLLSS is supported by professionals across the country. As part of our
programs we have special guest appearances from current and
ex-professional sports players & personnel, who will share invaluable insights, skills and
real-life lessons. Visit our ‘Programmes’ page for updates.


Our motto is “Sports Skills For Life.” In addition to sports skills, we
want to make sure your child walks away with an understanding of teamwork,
respect, humility, encouragement, hard work, discipline and leadership –
All critical life lessons that strengthen students both on and off the
field. Every day at every session, our team is committed to making sure
your child walks away from a Bruce Dyer Love Life Soccer & Sports School’s